Sunday, 2 March 2014

Harry Potter London Studio Tour. A Life Completed.

The Harry Potter London Studio Tour was my ultimate destination while abroad. 

It must be number one on everyone's 'to-do' lists while traveling the UK. 

Magic. Purely and simply magical. My purple prose gets the better of me most of the time, however in this instance it is truly warranted. The website advertises it and the media promises it; 

A magical experience. 

An easy "Overground" tube trip away and you've found yourself at Leavesden studios, where all the magic of the Harry Potter films was artificially produced for our enjoyment. 

If you're a real Potterhead (like myself) then the moment you're standing in front of the studio entrance your pulse will pick up pace and you'll see this imaginary aura of brilliance surrounding the building...or maybe you'll just see a building.

I shudder at the thought of spoiling the incredible secrets revealed within, so i wont and you'll just have to trust my word surrounding its wonderfulness. 

I was one of hundreds, most likely thousands, that visited around Christmas. The Great Hall decked out exactly how we see it in the films at Christmas, the witch flying around the tree and fake snow outside.

BUTTERBEER. The most heavenly syrup on earth. Sold in only two places in the world. Harry Potter theme park in Orlando, America and the Harry Potter London Studio Tour. The flavour is almost indescribable. Sweet and cold. Sickly sweet, amazingly sickly sweet. Like golden liquid sliding down your throat with amazingly sweet whipped cream, that doesn't taste quite like cream on top. Just thinking about it is giving me nostalgic mouthwatering flashbacks.

Its calling you.


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