Sunday, 6 April 2014



Also prominently known as "what happens on Contiki, stays on Contiki"Unless that somethings a sexually transmitted disease, that hitches a ride home with you.

For some Contiki can be seen as a no consequences limbo in life, between having no responsibility and actual adulthood. A last hurrah of sorts. For others its one of many 'last hurrahs'.

It's their motto; hash tag no regrets. And if you live your Contiki experience by it, it'll serve you well.

Away from the prying eyes of you family members you are able to 'cut loose' and be your craziest self. No judgments. No regrets. And it's okay because whatever embarrassing antics you get up to will be in the coach's rear view mirror the very next day. 

Watch out for the dreaded camera phone however.

In life there are countless moments and experiences that we pass over because we're too scared or nervous, or think we're going to look like fools. It's after the opportunity is passed and gone that we realise how much we regret our decision.

Coniki is you moment. your opportunity to say yes to everything, lose out on nothing, make life long memories and never once say "i regret not..." 

It's a simple concept that should be experienced.

Just keep in mind however that these amazing places are not your own personal playgrounds, it's someones home.



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