Wednesday, 8 October 2014


It's a sad day when you have to consult your travel journal to refresh your memory about a trip that you, at one point couldn't stop thinking about and reliving. Constantly.
Reading back over a journal of any kind, whether travel or personal is always a bit of a daunting task for me. I never know what to expect from my past self. Generally i'm horrified by the things i thought completely ration to preserve in ink or the completely appropriate sketch of the cute guy opposite me in the coach. I wasn't quite prepared for that. 
They call Paris the city of Lights and Love for a very good reason. I always thought it was a tad clique but after being there and seeing it, i completely understand why.

The hotel we were staying at was a ways out of the center and the coach took us on a 'Paris by night' bus tour around the city. There was a lot of stretched necks swiveling every which way trying to take in the sights out of both sides of the bus at the same time, which never quite works and you always end up missing something. 

Driving around the Arc De Triomphe was actually frightening. I just don't understand how there wasn't a major accident every two seconds with the way the drive!

Our full day in Paris saw our group visit the Eiffel Tower. Completely breathtaking, but again i wasn't too sure about how stable those elevators were, especially the elevator which takes you to the highest level. I swear i thought it was going to do a Willy Wonka and propel itself right out of the top. 

Like a true tourist i couldn't pass up the opportunity to visit every tourist attraction, standing under the dominating presence of the Arc De Triomphe for example or taking a leisurely stroll down The Avenue des Champs-Élysées towards the Louvre and Notre Dame. Admittedly we power walked through the Louver to the Mona Lisa and back but it was still an experience dripping with culture. 

The day was finished off with a spectacular  show at the Moulin Rouge and a visit to O'Sullivan's pub. While it can be defined as a 'glorified titty show' it was a must see and something i will never forget. I mean there was a tank of water filled with Boa-constrictors which rose up from the stage! And ponies! Freaking ponies! 

Paris was unforgettable.      

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