Thursday, 23 October 2014


The second time i went to Italy and Florence was with Contiki. The second experience there was filled with a lot more late nights, alcohol and harsh mornings. That, however, didn't stop me from soaking up as much culture as i physically could while there.  

The Ponte Vecchio is my favorite landmark of Florence. While i can't afford the luxury jewelry that adorns the minuscule shops along each side of the bridge, i sure love to stare at them longingly. The view off the arches is also breathtaking. 

The duomo Cathedral probably the most dominating feature among the Florence landscape. Seen standing high among the throng of red roofs. 

The Palazzo Vecchio runs off the Piazza della Signoria and are both pretty spectacular squares, full of ancient architecture, sculptures, little cafes and more. inside the Palazzo Vecchio stands a replica of Michelangelo's David, however the real David resides in The Uffizi Gallery also in Florence. 

One of the most intriguing clubs that i went to was called 'Space' and it was incredible. three levels, great music, reasonably priced alcohol with a card system for their drinks. Every time you buy a drink, your card gets a hole punched in it and before you leave you must go and hand your card over and pay, they then give you a ticket that allows you to leave. If you don't have the ticket then the bouncers won't let you leave. Now while its a solid system, probably not the best considering you can wrack up quite the bill that you might not be able to pay for. 

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