Tuesday, 28 October 2014


No matter how many times you visit Rome, it is more beautiful then you could ever remember. I've been twice and am still hanging for a third trip. There is extraordinary amounts of history throughout Italy but it is especially prevalent in Rome, considering their is another country within the city, it's no surprise. 
The architecture is incredible, while there aren't any particularity high buildings in the city (not including St Paul's Basilica of course) the sheer amount of detail in the adornments is mesmerising.
The Colosseum is probably the first stop on everyone's sightseeing list. Unfortunately for us, it had scaffolding around the majority of it. (luckily for me, i had already seen it, sans scaffolding) 
late 2013

early 2012

Another iconic landmark is the Spanish steps. Unfortunately in winter you won't find them adorned with beautiful flowers. They are pretty lovely non the less, especially when running off from the steps are three alleyways containing all of the designer brands that normal people can't afford. On the right of the steps is a Mary Shelley and Keats museum and it was actually where Keats use to live, which is pretty amazing. On the left is a tea room, Babington's Tea Room, opened in 1893 and while it's a little pricey, it is an amazing experience

If you are interested in Ancient History then a visit to the Roman Forum is a must. See the ruins of the Roman Republic and the masterpieces that are still hanging on today.

Shopping, like everywhere, is abundant. And if you're like me and love to buy tacky souvenirs then you will never be in short supply of them. You see the most fashionable people walking around and all you want to do is go and buy some fancy clothes so people can look at you like that, and so you can feel more fashionable too. During both of my visits i don't think i saw one unfashionable local.Unfashionable tourists however are the norm.

You can't go to Rome without visiting the Vatican. Considering it's technically it's own country, the Pope lives there and it has it's own post office! it's a pretty amazing place. The Swiss guard are everywhere in their traditional (hilarious) uniforms and you have to go through security to enter the museum and all that. The Museum is extensive to say the least. Give yourself a couple of days if you want to see every single section. The painting by  Michelangelo on the roof of the Sistine Chapel is the must see. You aren't allowed to take photos and the Chapel itself is surprisingly dark, however it is incredible. A work of brilliance. If you have the time, the climb to the top of St Paul's Basilica Dome is an incredible experience. Terrifying for those that don't like heights to enclosed spaces...or risk of plummeting to your death, but still amazing and something really worth doing at least once in your life.
View from the top of St Paul's during my first time in the Vatican (i didn't climb it the most recent time)

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