Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The French Riviera! -Monaco

Monaco is a sovereign city-sate on the French Rivera. So essentially Monaco is it's own country with it's own Royal family, King, Queen and all that good stuff.

To become a citizen of Monaco you are forced through a rigorous and lengthy process where only those rich enough can afford to live there. The home of Grace Kelly and know for being a 'tax heaven' Monaco is a draw for the rich and famous.

The main attraction is with out a doubt the Monte Carlo Casino. Before i entered the country i had grand fantasies about the Monte Carlo Casino. While entering the country our tour manager warned us not to get our hopes up. Too late. My hopes had been sky high the second i saw 'Monaco' on the tour map, sitting in my lounge room months before we even booked the tour.

I was disappointed.

While there were million dollar cars parked out front and the building itself was magnificent and the architecture and detail was breathtaking, everything else kind of fell flat for me. Maybe it was because it was the first casino, high class fancy one at that, that i had ever been to. Maybe my expectations were just too high. 

I suppose i imagined it to be like an episode of Las Vegas but more elite. There was a small selection of poker machines as you walk in that we couldn't get to take our money and four card tables (beautifully sculptured card tables) in the center of a massive room. That's was it. Everything was a myriad of golds, reds and crisp whites. The bar was was extremely overpriced. I couldn't afford coke.

At least that was all we had access to. I have to believe that the rest of the casino is some beyond exclusive exclusive members only access with gambling stations up the wazoo and gold fountains filled with champagne, hidden from commoners such as myself. Because that was basically the image i originally had in my head. 

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