Thursday, 30 January 2014

Being a Tourist in Every Sense of the Word

One of the great things in life is being able to participate in the wonderfully annoying practice called tourism. Locals hate it but when you're the tourist there is a brilliance to it. It's the prefect excuse to have your over sized cameras strung around your neck and glued to your eye. Ostentatious paper maps stuffed in bags. And wear out of date clothes and not feel self conscious. It's truly marvelous.

London had my tongue permanently protruding from my mouth. The architecture was a simply magnificent sight that needs to be experienced by all. Over and over again if possible.

The London Eye, while overrated, is still a dominating landmark that has a longer line than a Star Trek convention on a good day. Stepping on to the slowly moving glass dome is just that little thrill of adrenaline you need to get you through the speed, or lack there of, of the over sized wheel. The sights are unique in all honesty. The London Eye simply is a must.

My first look at the eye
London with all it's conveniently placed Tube stops make sight seeing an easy task. Right across from the London Eye, we are awestruck by the detailed building of Big Ben. It seems to jump up out of nowhere when you exit the closets Tube station. To be completely honest I didn't even realise it was in front of me until my sister told me to lift my head. It was bigger then I thought it would be, not surprising considering the name. I think I stared at it for more minutes than should be healthy. Absorbing every detail of the building I had been longing to gaze upon for years, in the literal sense.  
my camera struggling to obtain Ben in his entirety

Hyde Park is truly a wonderland in winter. Three of my nights were taken hostage within the wonderland known as winter. Held within it's removable walls was everything one needed from a night of spontaneity. Christmas markets. Show rides screaming out Christmas jingles. A beer hall. Beer. a revolving carousel bar. Heavenly, Heavenly food. Beer, that definitely needs a second mention. The sign, for once, was not false advertisement. It was a brilliant wintry night and it was certainly my wonderland.

A wonderland on a sight seers destination
The Queen's Guard were as unexciting as I had expected them to be. Granted it was winter and the palace was closed, the vibrant red uniform swapped for the dull colours of winter. I do, however have great admiration for their strength in their composure. No movement whatsoever, except to stretch what must be their incredibly sore legs. When i had found myself lost in London I accidentally came across what must be the back (or at least connected to) Buckingham Palace and two of the Queen's Guard statues. I'll admit, I was beginning to become a little panicky and and i wondered for just a fleeting second, what would happen if I broke down crying, desperately lost and begging for help? Would they move? Give me verbal directions? or just watch my quickly come apart at the seams? I thought about it, Fleetingly before coming to the conclusion that I'm just not that good of an actor. The palace was pretty though.
standing. silently. standing. still.

Oxford Street. Big brands. Big buildings. Fancy people strutting around in fancy clothes that make you feel completely inadequate concerning your own wardrobe and posture. It's a positively exhilarating walk, so long as you don'd gt yourself splattered by one of the countless red double decker buses. If there is one store to enter it would have to be H&M. fashionably 'in' clothes at affordable prices. And don't worry about finding one. They'll find you. H&M stores are everywhere, sometimes two on the same strip. Mental those Londoners.  

Trafalgar Square, appears to me, as a glorified watering hole that you can't even drink from. Not so much of a pity that rule however. For all it's hype i'd say it lives up to it's reputation. Baffling architecture, a calm yet busy atmosphere that I personally enjoyed. Beautiful by day Beautiful by night.  

Piccadilly Circus certainly has the 'bright lights' of the big bustling city. The atmosphere is intoxicating. I will say one important thing on the subject of Piccadilly Circus: M&M World. Enough said correct? It is heaven on earth.

the greatest place on earth

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