Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The Taxi with it's Illusive Light

Hailing a London Taxi is practically a rite of passage for tourists.

If not for the simple fact that it's a fancy London taxi, then for the entertaining characters the drivers turn out to be.

Let me be straight: The London taxi is a T.A.R.D.I.S!

 Honestly. I'm being completely, professionally serious. Well...maybe T.A.R.D.I.S-esque. I have a feeling they won't get you through time and space in time for a very important date. But they certainly are bigger on the inside. Nice and spacious. And they can even hold three women all with too much luggage each, uncomfortably.

Now i'll be honest, for me at least the task of waving down a speeding taxi was a daunting thought. The idea of it was scary enough. Standing by the side of a busy road with my arm stuck up in the air, waving it about like a lunatic while I watch the black car zoom past me with a giggling passenger in the back. Nightmare. It's at that point, seeing the strangers lips tilt upwards, that you realise it. The light wasn't on. That illusive light that screams, "Hey! There's no one in this one!" The light that apparently everyone knows about except, of course, me.

Its hard to find, I'll tell you that now. You could be walking around for what will, at the time, seem like a decade searching for a lit up taxi (harder in daylight hours that is) and not find one. Or find yourself a taxi rank, get all excited, only to find all the drivers disappeared and on their lunch breaks.

Though, weary traveler, do not give up hope!  Your taxi will come, will stop and the most delightful elderly man might be behind the wheel. The Brit accent melting your heart.

Frenzied London traffic 
It's possible to learn all sorts of vital information, such as the latest concerning England vs. Australia in cricket or the finest pint of
beer to drink. Everything you need to stay connected with the real world behind the holiday veil.

My last bit of unimportant tips?

Watch the meter! It's a devilishly deceitful piece of technology.

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