Thursday, 30 January 2014

The Money Problem

I'm positive i'm not the only one that has the most enticing dreams of a world not reliant on how much money is in your wallet. 'Oh that top looks perfect on you, here take it free of charge,' 'a plane ticket to Italy you say? the plane has countless seats, here you go, we have more where that came from.' I'd even settle for the good old days of trade. 'I'll give you two chickens for that hunting knife...or your daughter, either one will do.' A deliciously twisted version of reality.     

Now there was once a time, long ago in my history, when money wasn't the all consuming black hole of our universe and you were a king with two dollars in your palm. It was Mum and Dad that you went to with all money related problems and nine times out of ten you came out the winner of compromise. I wouldn't even be able to count the number of times i traded household chores for a couple of bucks. We all, however, grow up. Unfortunately. Though it's the memories you create along the way that makes it all worth while.

It's an unfortunate fact of life that money rules. You can't get around it. Whether you're saving to travel half way around the world or you're just in the mood for a block of chocolate. For young adults that currently have no long term commitments, bills to pay or time consuming responsibilities the money problem becomes a little simpler. Though not if your planning an outrageously expensive trip to the UK and Europe. Now while this may be looking like one massively uninteresting ramble about my money woes, it's not...well not entirely. I did it. I got myself to both the UK and Europe for an extended period of time, and you could say that I was pretty chuffed at my saving efforts. 

Travelling cheaply is a necessity for most people. Hostels are your best friends people. They were definitely my Saviour. They scare some, the thought of sleeping in a room full of strangers. While yes sometimes it can be awkward maneuvering in such tight quarters, its the warm bed that you need to focus on. A place to crash after a long day of sightseeing for twenty pounds or less? Yes please.

Don't eat above your means. And in saying that you can't go passed British pub food. Cheap and utterly delicious. Its also a convenient place to mingle with the locals and meet some characters, like that guy next to you creating crazy billboard signs on his laptop. Mumbling to himself and cursing his mistakes all the way.
Alcohol will be your downfall. It's inevitable. All us twentysomethings forking out for our booze. Id suggest making an alcohol fun on the side with that one, I mean the alcohol can't be sacrificed. Bedding and food sure, but not the booze.   

I spent my money. Sometimes it felt good, other times not so much but putting that headache aside, its the stories you bring back that makes the money spent seem insignificant. 

Worth it.  

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