Thursday, 30 January 2014

The Tube in all it's Brilliance

England is a magical city. 

Possibly the magical city.

My magical city at the very least.

There is a vast majority of people who share the opinion that England, during the winter (and most other seasons for that matter) is one big bleak, dreary, life sucking mass of land. 

I think its beautiful. 
I hold the opinion that the grey overcast skies, biting chill of the breeze and complete darkness by five PM is simply marvelous. I could spend my days there indefinitely. If I had the cash to back me up. 

It's no lie that London is expensive. The lush shops and fine dining come at some cost, but everyone can splurge when they're on a holiday. Shhh...we won't tell anyone.

If you're like me and every building is like a work of art and has to be photographed from every angle then you'll be in London for a long while, and most likely get lost. Very lost.

If you're like me then you'll probably get lost for hours.
London may appear like a fairly spread out city, but as i discovered, if you walk long enough you might just find yourself at every major tourist attraction at one point or another. 

The prideful feeling achieved when one gets themselves from their hostel and to Oxford Street with no hassle, thanks to their trusty iPhone, is a great one. When, however that iPhone dies the feeling is not so fantastic. My pride lasted approximately an hour before I began making my way back to the hostel and found myself walking in circles. No matter which turn I took I somehow magically landed back in Oxford Street as if I was trapped in a London specific wormhole. 

I can't say it wasn't interesting. I found myself not only chancing upon Soho and Trafalgar Square, but Piccadilly Circus and Buckingham Palace. It's when you end up in streets that have doorman wearing top hats that you know you took a really wrong turn. 
What took me multiple days to see previously I accidentally saw in the space of a few hours.

The one thing that I believe everyone adores about London is the Tube. The most well executed public transport I've every experienced. Now the Tube is a place impossible to get lost in. I found it convenient, relatively priced with an Oyster Card and always, always on time. Simply brilliant. 

There is one thing, however, that still confuses my obviously simple mind concerning the tube. The Tube contains two separate systems of travel, if you will, the Underground and the Overground. The Underground is red and the Overground is orange. And yet while they have an Underground and an Overground the Underground goes above ground. Now how does that make any sense at all? It's a conundrum that I doubt I'll ever riddle out. But I do believe I'm okay with that. For now.                  


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