Thursday, 30 January 2014

the Pretension of the Theater

The way I see it, a little Pretension never hurt anyone. And what a better way to dabble in a bit of pretension then to get all dolled up and head to the London theater.

Musicals make life fun. And live Broadway musicals are an extravagant luxury that not everyone experiences in their lifetime. Which is a shame. And a musical centered around The Wizard of Oz? Well that's just the most wonderful production I can personally think of.  

Wicked was my first ever Broadway musical. And it most certainly lived up to all the hype surrounding the musical. It was an experience like none other. The stage design, music, the actors, all incredible down to the last tiny detail. 

I always did like the Wicked Witch.  

Ironically a week after i experienced Wicked at the Apollo Victoria Theater the balcony collapsed onto the audience below.

During my limited stint within the Pretension circles I also added Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to my theater repertoire. Brilliant. Simply, utterly brilliant. The sets made the show.  

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